How do I book?
Please either telephone on 07872 554 747 or click here to send an email to reserve your place in class. You will need to complete and return an enrolment form before attending your first class. This provides us with essential information on your general health and the goals you wish to achieve through attending the classes. Please click here for the enrolment form which can be emailed or posted back to us. Full payment needs to be made in advance of the block to guarantee your place.


Do I need to bring my own mat?
Yes. Please bring your own mat. We use other equipment in class such as head cushions to support the neck, Pilates balls, small weights and Pilates rings. Some of these will be provided in class and some you will need to buy. I give you a list of the best place to buy small equipment once you have started class.


What do I wear for class?
Wear clothes that are comfortable and loose enough to move in, but not so baggy that your Pilates teacher can’t see your body move properly. We need to see what you are doing to make sure you are exercising correctly and safely. A close fitting T shirt and jogging bottoms or leggings are good. Avoid wearing clothing with zips or buckles as these  can be uncomfortable to lie on and damage the mats. Pilates is done in bare feet or socks. Trainers are not required.


What if I can’t make it to one class in the block for some reason?
Unfortunately the cost of the block is non-refundable. However, provided at least 24 hours’ notice is given an alternative make up session will be offered in the same term.


Can I do Pilates if I suffer from chronic back ache or other joint pains?
Pilates is often recommended for back ache and other joint problems.  However, if your back pain is new and has not been checked out by a health professional we ask that you make an appointment with your doctor or therapist to make sure they are happy for you to join class. If you are referred by your doctor, physiotherapist or osteopath and we will, with your permission, liaise with them to ensure we are helping you to exercise in the best way for your body. If you do suffer from joint pains or have undergone surgery we would recommend that you initially start with private sessions  where as physiotherapists we can assess you and tailor a programme of exercises to your specific needs until we feel you can safely join one of the groups.

If you injure yourself between classes please inform your teacher before the class so we can ensure you are safe to exercise. Many of the exercises that we teach can be modified to prevent further injury.


Can I ask questions during the class if I don’t understand something?
We encourage you to ask questions during the class if you don’t understand an exercise. Asking questions will help develop your understanding of the Pilates method and you will enjoy the class more. There is also likely to be a short period of time after the class for further clarification if required.


How quickly will I notice the benefits of doing Pilates?
Everyone is different. Some people will notice the difference after just a few sessions. For others it will take a little longer. Like every form of exercise the more you practice the sooner you will reap the rewards.


How many people will be in my class?
Unlike many gyms we don’t pack as many people into the class as possible, as we know that doing the exercises correctly and safely is important. Smaller class sizes ensure you get plenty of individual attention and allow us to carefully check that you understand what you are doing. It is important that the exercises are performed correctly, even at beginner level, as these basic exercises are the building blocks which allow you to access the full Pilates repertoire safely and effectively. For this reason class sizes have a maximum of 12 participants.