What is Pilates?

what-is-pilatesPilates is a mental and physical body-conditioning programme that uses low impact exercise to change the way in which we move our bodies.

It is a great form of exercise whether you consider yourself to be young, old, fit or unfit. Pilates can be slow and gentle or tough and challenging and we can offer you sessions to meet your needs, either in a class or in a private session. Through precise, controlled movement our Pilates sessions will help improve your muscle strength, core stability, flexibility, balance and posture. Once you incorporate these changes into everyday movements you will sit, stand and walk better, often eliminating those annoying everyday aches and pains. For this reason Pilates is often recommended by physiotherapists, doctors or osteopaths to help those with chronic low back pain and other joint injuries.

Initially devised by Joseph Pilates for boxers and injured dancers in New York, the Pilates method has gradually grown in popularity throughout the world, with many fans in the celebrity and sporting world.

Joe’s original repertoire, however, is challenging. As a result Body Control Pilates was co-founded in 1995, by Lynne Robinson, with the aim of making the benefits of Pilates exercises available to all, irrespective of age or fitness. Using Body Control’s structured approach we aim to progress you safely through a range of modified Pilates exercises and towards Joseph Pilates original exercise programme if desired.